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farewell, sweet summer.

“August arrives, hot and breathless, and full of all the things you held on to too tightly. And all the places that defined summer begin to melt together, the sand that got stuck in your hair, and the bug bites you picked at too much, and the taste of every sunset that slipped through the open car window.

Somehow each summer is it’s own lifetime.  We love and eat; and the sun will come back, without fail.”

-Author Unknown.

images taken at Mona Lake, Utah.

Kara Rush - September 6, 2012 - 4:14 pm

Little side story about Mona. Once, Mike and I were driving to Orem from St. George with his Uncle and we thought we’d stop by Mona to visit the cemetery. Mike had family members there. As we were walking around, I noticed a bunch of Garfield gravestones. Turns out, my Grandpa Garfield (mom’s dad) was born in Mona! So both Mike and I have family in that cemetery!!

Now about your pictures…love them! Favorite is definitely the third from the bottom, with the road in the center and the long shadows going across. That cowboy one is pretty rad too.

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